Material från Londonkonferensen

En del av presentationerna från Londonkonferensen finns nu på YouTube.

Jeff Garzik – State of the coin 2012 (Slides här)

Jeff Garzik (@jgarzik on Twitter) is a Bitcoin developer and Linux kernel developer. He has worked for Red Hat and currently is involved with a new company Dungevan Space Systems, Inc. specialising in Low Earth Orbit and getting people to Mars.

James McCarthy (Nefario) – Bitcoin capital markets

James McCarthy (nefario), originally from Ireland, worked as an engineer at Sun Microsystems for a short time on Solaris. Spent 2 years teaching English in mainland China. During this time he created the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange ( which has grown to a market cap of over $1.6Million USD and is funding a significant portion of the bitcoin network He is the first person to fly using Bitcoin and also the first person to be detained and deported from the US… also for using Bitcoin.

Marek Palatinus (slush) – The future of pooled mining

Marek Palatinus (slush) is 28 years old Czech programmer who discovered Bitcoin on mailing list of TahoeLAFS in summer 2010 because of his interest in distributed computer systems and large scale applications. He founded the first shared based mining pool in autumn 2011 which is still in operation. Marek is also active in development of alternative bitcoin client Electrum. He designed network protocol for lightweight bitcoin clients called Stratum, which is currently used by Electrum.

Max Keiser – On Corporations & the American School of Economics (del 2 här)

Max Keiser is an American finance broadcaster who began life as an entertainer and comedian and later a stock broker on Wall Street. Max is a TV presenter, radio host, entrepreneur, broadcaster and journalist. He is a former Wall Street broker, the inventor of the virtual specialist technology / prediction markets, Hollywood Stock Exchange, Karmabanque, and Pirate My Film.

Mike Hearn

Mike Hearn is the primary developer of bitcoinj, an easy to use Java library for writing Bitcoin applications. He first encountered Bitcoin in April 2009, and got involved late 2010. He is one of the few developers to discuss with Satoshi the construction of contracts, which is now one of his research interests. His day job is as a senior engineer at Google on the account security team.

Eli Sklar – Bitcoin as a stepping stone for the moneyless society

Is money an unnecessary medium between human beings & our resources? Eli Sklar is the founder of Safebit, a new type of open-source Bitcoin wallet designed to introduce elegance to the world of Bitcoin by allowing users to easily access their Bitcoins anywhere in the world from almost any device – PC or Mobile, with simplicity in mind. For the last year Eli has been working on his Safebit project alongside his extensive work as a Bitcoin evangelist, and educator in all things Bitcoin.



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